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Hello my lovelies!

Writing this feels like writing a postcard where I have so much to say but not much space. I think, in all decency, 2014 has been the best year so far for me. There is the quote that goes something like Everybody has two lives; the second one begins when you realize you only have one and quite frankly this is the year when my second life began. I have always been the weird streak and 2014 gave me my space and platform, and even though it might not look like I have much, I believe I have everything right in this moment. 

I found so many amazing people and so many that were not so amazing, but hey, I did learn an awful lot of things from both. I was showered with opportunities when I had no hope, I was led into the world that I had only thought of and also, the ‘daily blogging’ bug got under my skin and my life is all together a blend of everything that I am thankful for.

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I have made so many memories and so many stories to tell that I look myself in the year ’13 and I sigh at how atrociously blind I was for not enjoying and living my life. This year had been truly magical for me and I know for all my heart that words are not enough to describe it. I look back at all my adventures and I know that I couldn’t have asked for better.

It’s almost 2015 (9 hours left precisely) *wide grin* and I can’t type down in words how I am excited for all the new opportunities that it will bring along. I’m staying very positive here. I hope all You special have a brilliant year ahead and all Your dreams and wishes come true. Ah, I’m such an emotional goo right now…


It feels weird right at this moment to know that this year waltzed past and today is the end of this fine year, but I am also filled with an unhealthy anticipation because 2015 is going to be a world in its own. I’m getting all the feels haha, so emotional and so excited at the same time. I know this might be coming way too cheesy for some of you, but I only write what I feel. Have a good time, my lovelies, you’ll never be as young as you are at this moment. And most importantly, hello 2015!

New Year’s Goal: To have a set of new adventures!




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