Nail Art│Last Minute Holiday Nails

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Paint uneven white tips on the tips of the nails, they should be uneven to look like snow so don’t worry about perfect straight lines. Add dots on the clear parts. White dots. Small white dots. Don’t make them all the same pattern on each nail. This is snow falling. I suggest make them tiny. I made the first few big so you’ll know how they look but then I made mine tiny. MAKE ‘EM SMALL IF POSSIBLE, if not, no worries – it’s the bigger kind of snow then 😉


You can add a snowman on one of the nails. To do that, just create a dot on the snow, and smaller dot above it. (It’s on my thumb nail) Add an orange line on it for a nose, two arm from black or brown, buttons, and a pair of eyes. Use green, create a zig-zag pattern on one of your nails. Make the lines go from small to bigger in length. So start from the top and go down. Look at my ring finger for the example. It becomes a Christmas tree. Yes! Easy as that.


Add dots on it, I did red, for décor. Don’t fill it up though. Use yellow to create the tree topper, a star. If you can’t make a star just create a plus sign.


 Clear coat it.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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