Everything at once ׀ A letter to You

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

Hello my lovelies!


A lot has happened with me in this glorious year that 2014 has been; (in order) I got to meet some really talented and amazing people, bought a new laptop to directly and digitally record my articles (and thoughts), dropped out of college, got a job of a Sub-Editor in a local magazine, bought a better tablet that simplified my writing process a tad bit more, had a chat with a lot of you, joined another college with an actual course of my choice, interviewed and got inspired by some very accomplished and brilliant people, started a blog on Blogger then shifted it to WordPress, quit my job as a Sub Editor, bought a new camera and finally have a new job. Phew! (Re-reading this makes me feel that I have done so much). And in all of these that happened, I fell down countless times and was not even sure how to get back on my feet, but You guys supported me and made me dust myself, made me say that it’s okay. You know what, it’s okay. You will be better and you just might not see it now, but you will be. Just keep on doing what you are doing and have faith in yourself.


They say as we grow older, we get wiser but I still don’t know that, however in midst of all of this I have developed as a writer, as a person and as that ‘weird girl’. I have met and talked to a lot of you (personally and virtually) and you have helped me and motivated me to go on. I am writing this as a thanking letter to everyone who has helped me or who has helped someone and anyone in this beautiful year. This is my way of saying thanks for saving my life because I had gone through a rough patch and a lot of self-doubt and negativity but you people have been there for me in the most simple yet most heart-touching way. Sometimes I did not have a clue as to what to do with myself and would cry myself to sleep, but you, my lovelies, have encouraged me to get out of the bed yet another day and do something new. I am ever so grateful to you!

You guys have made me smile, laugh even with your silliness and awesomeness (and of course your fabulosity), you have been more concerned of my well being (or when my next post is coming) than the people who I have known for years but who disappear when needed. So thank you! You all have been like my backbone (which is literally hurting for stooping over the laptop and figuratively all alive and smiling) and to make it simple, I have no idea what I would ever do without you. Frankly, without any single one of you. We might have never met in person, or shook hands or heard each other’s voice but you are as much my family as my parents, my sibling or my guinea pigs are (I love you!). And nothing I ever say would ever amount to what I feel inside for you rad people scattered all over the world, helping a stranger smile at a time.


And to everyone who is struggling to feel better and  livelier, I want you to let go, love. You have to put some people and things aside, sideline them you know, because you do not deserve anyone’s crap. You are not supposed to take any hate or any blame or whatsoever that it is. There will always be that one person that will criticize you, but haters are going to hate, right? Do your thing! You can be weird and be all supreme with your silliness and those who judge you are not important.


For everyone of you who has made someone smile, I would like to remind you that you all are so special and help people like me get back on track feeling livelier than ever. You are geniuses and fight for each other against ‘haters’ and I would like to compliment you for that bravery.


So to each and every one of you, thank You so much for simply being there. You have all my respect and love.




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