What I Wore│Fig x Jealous 21

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

Sweater ׀ Fig
Jeans ׀ Jealous 21
Jute Belt ׀ Thrifted
Boots ׀ Woodland
Slouchy Beanie׀ Thrifted

I watch a lot of bloggers post their outfits and I read a freaky lot of these post before I could gather some courage to do one of my own. I was roused by Caroline Burke’s OOTDs to do one of my own and in this post tired to ape the best I could (I think I did a decent job and I love this format better). I recently was strolling through the Reliance Trends’ new winter collection (which means yesterday afternoon) and it has a lot of amazing sweaters, shrugs and coats that I adored with my mortal one. I came across this beautiful woolen black sweater that made me fall in love it the moment I laid my eyes on it. Its über comfortable, über stylish and über warm, just what I was looking for this season. My ever so faithful brown velvet boots (that match with every attire) matched perfectly with this as well. Plus my grey jeans are the one that actually complimented the look. I threw in this rad grey beanie because a. my hair were too greasy to show and b. this just did it for me! I am actually quite satisfied with this cozy look.

Is this the kind of look you find comfortable as well?




Share your piece of mind :)

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