Product Review│Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

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I have a thing for mascaras (a rather huge thing) and I just can’t help but buy when I see one. I recently got the Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara (full volume and curves) from the black sale online. I had heard mixed reviews for this and I wanted to try it for myself. I even happy-danced when this order came and I quite frankly sang it to sleep last night as well (don’t judge me!).

This looks like a high end product but is as cheap as 525 INR and could also be given as a gift to someone who loves Rimmel. It isn’t however available in Dehradun yet so you would have to order it from online. Back to the review now…so, let’s start!

I love the packaging and the bottle is a really handy and travel friendly one. The mascara comes in a beautiful purple-ish bottle with three curves layers wand for a curvier lash shape. Nonetheless, the wand’s plastic bristles are very pointy and I did not really like it because a little carelessness and it can poke your eyes, hurting you. If you have never used a mascara before, then do not, I repeat DO NOT use this. It can be a little dangerous and I do not want you to hurt your eye.

(I applied three coats to achieve the look in the above photo)

The mascara is a little thick and clumpy but feels really light on the lashes. You wouldn’t feel like you have applied a mascara and it gives a false lash look. It does look a bit voluminous and since my lashes are already long, it enhances them even more. My lashes are also thin so this lasts me whole day but I have heard that those who have thick lashes the formula does not last a full day for them. I really advise to try this before you buy it.

Also, one thing that I did not really like is that it makes lashes hard and very unpleasant to touch. My lashes look way too dramatic and it sort of looks out of place. The formula isn’t waterproof and it would go in a wash, so watch out!

Market Price: 525 INR


Light weight


Travel Friendly

Lasts whole day

Curves lashes as it promises

Makes lashes curvier

Dries fast


Not waterproof

Wand has hard and pointy bristles

Makes lashes unpleasant to touch

Might get flaky after multiple coats

Might not work for girls who have thick lashes

Overall, this is a nice mascara for a price of 525 INR

Would I buy it again? No, I really want to try the Nyx one that. Besides, I found this similar to the Maybelline Falsies. But it was a nice try.

Which mascara are you using?




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