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Anubha by Anubha Pant is a designer label. Anubha Pant is opening a store in Dehradun in a few month and before she got all busy and shuffling, I managed to extract this article from her. She is very polite, amazingly talented and has a natural flare. Her current collection consists of cocktails gowns that you can also check out on her Facebook page. So…let’s start!

Apoorva: Why did you choose designing? Who inspired you?
Anubha: I’ve been interested in fashion ever since I was a kid. I’ve just had so much passion and respect for it. After I completed my school, I decided to pursue fashion studies from New Delhi. Ritu kumar has always been an inspiration for me. I love and admire the traditional and Indian feel she gives to her every creation.

AP: What is it that gives you motivation?
Anu: My love and respect for art, and my passion for designing gives me motivation. And of course my happy clients are the one who really motivates me by leaving sweet messages and adoring my work.

AP: What inspired your latest collection?
Anu: My clients are my biggest inspiration for this particular collection. After reading emails and messages, I wanted to create these cocktail gowns. Each gown in this collection is designed according to my client’s taste and need.


AP: I have seen your designs and I am a fan of each one. Which is your favourite piece?
Anu: Thank you so much Apoorva for appreciating my work. Well I love every garment I create but the ivory gown with golden sequin work is my favourite piece of work in this collection. The golden sequin work on bust makes it very eye catchy but the ivory flare makes it subtle at the same time. One won’t feel OTT after wearing this gown.


AP: What is your favourite quote that keeps you sane on a hard day?
Anu: “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”
Yeah! This is the quote which constantly gives me energy to work and design more and more on a hard day.

AP: What is your favourite winter product?
Anu: Jackets, boots, lipsticks and snow fall! That’s the reason I love winters. But lipstick is the thing I love the most. Though lipsticks are forever but I like how you can play with colors in winters.

AP: Would you like to share the sketch of any of your designs?
Anu: Of course, I would love to! This is the sketch of my upcoming collection.


AP: What is that you are planning to do next?
Anu: I am planning to work on ethnic wear this coming season.

AP: What do you think about That Weird Girl Official?
Anu: Seriously I love That Weird Girl Official. I read every blog of yours and I think you’re style your writing unique. All the very best! xoxo

If you wish to have a further look or book any garment, you can contact Anubha at




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