Nail Art│The Whale Nails

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official

Today I will be teaching you how to get a whale for yourself (…on your nail…by nail art). I mean, what’s cuter than some whale nails right?

Stuff you’ll need:
1) Blue Nail Polish/choice of painting medium (Acrylic?)
2) A shade of blue lighter than the one chosen
3) White paint or art pen
4) Black Paint or art pen
5) Thin painting brush

Now you’re ready!

  • First step’s super simple! Paint your nails the shade of blue that is darker. Two layers should do the trick.
  • Choose a finger, I usually choose the ring finger (most people do for some reason, idk why, they just do.) Using your thin brush and white paint or white nail art pen, make a small circle, extend a line at its bottom, and curve the line up like shown.
  • That was easy wasn’t it? Using your black pen/paint, draw on a small smile and an eye.
  • This is where it starts to get tricky, you make super tiny dots around the whale with the lighter shade of blue. Just some small pizzazz to bring out your nails.
  • You may or may not want to use tape for this. I did not. Draw a line leaving a little bit form the tip of the nails using the lighter blue.

  • Make small dots again, but using white this time, on the tips.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes then apply one layer of the clear nail polish to seal it.

*talks from underwater* *bubbles* Well you finished! *Bubbles all over* Now go show off those pretty ocean nails of yours!




5 thoughts on “Nail Art│The Whale Nails

    • Hi there! Yes I know, I’ve been meaning to try stickers for a while now but can’t really find good ones in the market here. I’m definitely going to try paint and glitter though. Thanks for suggesting!
      Cheers xx


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