My Brother Does My Make Up (+Bloopers)

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Hello my lovelies!

I really love tags and I love watching other people doing other people’s makeup and so this rang a bell (rang a gong and shook me actually). I thought it would be really cool if I did a post where my brother would do my makeup…until he started doing it and I realized how stupid of an idea this was. However, I promised myself that I will only look in the mirror or see the photos once he is done with both makeup and taking my pictures. The end result is a little horrendous.

But anyhow, this is what you will get when you ask your younger brother to do your makeup (or your father, or boyfriend, or friend…or any male that is not a makeup artist). So…let’s start!

I was very confident when he started blending the eyeshadow and thought to myself, well this does not seem bad at all.

Things struck me when he started laughing while applying the liner, but I stick somehow calmed myself. I actually lost control when he poked my eye with the mascara brush. It took all my will to not rush to the bathroom and check myself. This was how I looked. I always thought makeup accentuated your looks and made you prettier, my brother changed my perception.

Alright people of the internet, I hope you enjoyed this post!



Note: These are the extra photos that were taken in between.

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