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Hello my lovelies! 

I ace at online shopping and I am a 100% Miss Fastest Finger when it comes to scrolling through the sites, compare it with another one and order the best deal, that too before my microwave goes ping with aromatic popcorn (this might or might not be an exaggeration). I have half my laptop screen jagged with the bookmarks of online shopping sites and right now is making its way to the top.

That Weird Girl Next Door

Recently, I was approached by a team representative who asked me to review the website with a courteous e-mail that I was flattered to read. I do not generally review websites or take requests as most of the times it actually feels like an order and people get really pushy but the Jabong team was patient enough, giving me enough time and a piece of mind to write. They win a point for that! 

Another reason to take this request was because it is a way of promoting bloggers as well and I feel this is such a nice gesture on their behalf. I feel that it is communities like these that make us bloggers feel important, read and mostly, celebrated. 

Okay, this is enough of heart to heart for now. I should begin with what I am supposed to begin with *cheeky grin*. So…let’s start!  

I was gifted a 500 INR voucher from Jabong, which I felt was very much a day light to my gloomy days (story of my end-of-the-month days). And my excitement had hit such crescendo that I searched through every department, stopping & adoring every item and then with a slap on wallet swearing that I will only take something this is the necessity of this hour. 

That Weird Girl Next Door

I would like to mention the GOSF 2014 sale and the Jabong Fashion Week that is about to come in December with amazing discounts and my heart hooked. There are fabulous international brands that are exclusively available such as Aldo, He Mango and Burton and the regulars like Tommy Hilfiger, New Look, CK Jeans and various other high-end ones for you to pick from. Let me just tell you, there is something for everyone. Anyhow people of the Internet, this is your call!

I ordered what my father says has become my new addiction, the makeup products. Give me a break, I am just a girl!

Here are the things that I ordered and because the discount was on every product (who am I supposed to thank for this genius discount?) I got to buy what I always wanted *squeal*.

That Weird Girl Next Door

That Weird Girl Next Door

That Weird Girl Next Door

The Astral Bake Eyeshadow By Makeup Revolution London

That Weird Girl Next Door

I mean, just look at this darling, do I even say a thing? I love the color (my favorite!), the reviews and the 50% discount. Apart from that, I love that this is from Makeup Revolution London and it feels like an accomplishment having ordered this! 

Maybelline Baby Lips

That Weird Girl Next Door

There was this tweet by Maybelline New York India’s page that went there’s nothing like too many baby lips. I still have two lip balms that are untouched and here I took another one. Shopaholic much? Might be. The only thing I was disappointed by was that this Baby Lips was promised by a Colossal Kajal and it was not sent. Sigh.

Nyah Dark Chocolate F & B Bath Gel 70 ML

That Weird Girl Next Door

I could not resist when I saw this bath gel and something inside me whispered put this in the cart, thank the heavens I heard my inner voice and got it.

If you wish to read the reviews on the products I bought, then let me know by leaving a comment.

Overall, I loved my shopping experience with Jabong. I want to congratulate them for coming up with such fabulous site that is very user friendly, easy to shop on and having different payment methods that makes it convenient. I value the site and would love to return and shop *stares at the calender to the date when my next paycheck would come*.

Evaluation: 4½ of 5

I give this score to Jabong for making the shopping exciting and amazing. The only reason that I did not give a 5 is because my order came separately and not at once and the Maybelline Lip Balm was promised with a Clossal Kajal, or maybe I read wrong? No, I didn’t!

I would like to say that Jabong has topped my list of favorite online websites.



One thought on “Website Review│Jabong

  1. Yeah!!! So true. I Also love the site. Im obsessed with earings & it has such an amazing earings collection. I feel like Im in heaven hehe. Anyways, please reView the products. 🙂

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