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Welcome to That Weird Girl Next Door

Hello my lovelies! 

I thought it would be really fun to do a Frankenstein theme based tutorial (It’s actually cute than scary). Now, instead of lounging in a salon and waiting for that girl who is paid to smile at you and tell you that you have amazing hands to finish her job, here’s a super cute tutorial on Frankenstein nails that you can start making now (assuming cute is your thing). So…let’s start!

Stuff you’re going to need:

  • Green Nail Polish OR Green Acrylic Paint if none available (Used lime/kiwi acrylic paint for featured nails)
  • Black Nail Polish OR Acrylic Paint.
  • White Nail Polish OR…you know…
  • Clear Base/Top Coat Nail Polish
  • Nail Art Stripping Tape (I just used some regular tape that doesn’t have very strong stickiness to it, explained in steps how to use that)
  • Black Nail Art Pen OR Thin Painting Brush.

  • Start by applying a layer of some clear base paint onto your nails, this prevents the nails from turning a yellow shade in the future. Of course you don’t HAVE to do this, but I’m guessing you wouldn’t prefer yellowed nails.
  • Apply two thin layers of green nail polish on every nail.
  • Once it has dried, stick the tape onto the tips of the nails, these will create French tips. Skip the ring finger (or any one finger that you want Frankie to be on). (To use tape at home, cut thin strips of tape in a straight line using a scissor.)
  • Apply a layer of black nail polish behind the tape, it’s ok if the paint gets onto the tape (in fact, it’s better) but do not let the paint go ahead of the tape. Also do not paint on the ring finger!!!
  • After partially dry, peel off the tape slowly. 
  • While the black paint on the other fingers dries, we can start on Frankenstein on the ring finger. To do this, use the black nail art pen and draw a zig-zag shape at the start of your nails. (Or three upside down triangles) Color in the area that the lines surround. That’s the hair. (If not using the nail art pen, you can achieve the same goal by using some black nail polish and a thin paint brush. Same applies for other face features)

    • Add two white dots beneath the hair. Let it dry.
    • Add 1 smaller dot on the inside of each white dot. The eyes are done.
    • To make the mouth, paint a straight line and add smaller lines crossing the first long line. This will create a stitch like effect. VOILA! YOU HAVE YOUR FRANKENSTEIN.
    • (Optional detail) To create a more Frankenstein stitchy effect, take your pen or paint brush and paint some 4-5 lines coming out of the black areas on your other fingers and onto the green area but do not let them the ends of your nails.

Your Frankie Nails are done! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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