Nail Art│Classy Gold Pearls

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This super easy (but slightly time consuming for beginners) nail design is perfect for that gold dress you’re going to wear to that party that needs a little something to complete your look. I also like to call these the “fabulous Gryffindor party nails,” but that’s just me. Here goes…

  • Red Nail polish.
  • Small, round, gold nail beads.
  • Clear Nail Polish.

Process party princess:


  • Begin by applying red nail polish to all nails except the ring finger. (don’t make the mistake I made of “accidently” applying it)
  • Lay out a pile of the gold beads in a small area, make sure they don’t go all over the place. (Because that’s super likely to happen tbh.)
  • Apply a layer of clear nail polish on the ring finger nail and quickly press that nail gently against the pile of beads.
  • a2
  • If you missed a few spots on the nail, take a pair of tweezers and pick up the beads to cover the missing spots.
  • Apply a layer of clear nail polish on all the nails to make them shine.
  • a3

Now go rock those simple, dazzling nails of yours!



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