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Bello my lovelies!
I got a request for a nail art tutorial and if only you knew me you would know that my nails are done in a bizarre abstract fashion and makes no absolute sense whatsoever. I am really fascinated by the nails that make sense like fandoms or minions (oh my heart goes out to them), or designs…you get it, right? So, a friend would be handling the Nail Art section. She is super creative, really fun and Far Far Away for now (oh god, no, she is not dead!). So, it is official that the amazingly talented Manavi Singh is guest blogging for me!

It’s all about the Minions now (and about bass too). Those cute little helpers! Honestly I just want one for myself and I’m going to name it Bilbo (I guess you didn’t need to know that…umm..) Anyway, here’s a minion you can have with you for a few days!

What you’ll need:
1) Yellow nail paint/polish
2) Clear nail polish
3) White nail polish/pen
4) silver nail polish/pen
5) black nail polish/pen
6) tweezers
7) blue nail paint/polish
Now that you have everything you’ll require, let’s start!

Paint each nail yellow. Two layers should be good.
Once it dries, apply tape on the tips of every nail. On the ring finger apply the tape a little more and slightly BEHIND the tip.


On every nail EXCEPT the ring finger (or any chosen finger, I’d try and not choose the thumb between, poor thing almost never gets noticed!) paint the nail Blue behind the tape. Basically paint every area the tape isn’t covering blue.
On the ring finger, paint the area in front of the tape which is the tip of the nail.
Remove the tape using a set of tweezers.


Now to begin the minion, use your black paint/pen to make a curve (the mouth) and above it draw a line that extends from side to side.
Using the silver, paint one (if you want it single eyed) or two circles. See image for reference.
Inside the silver, paint a white circle.


And inside the while, put small black dots. (SO MANY CIRCLES!!!!)
Apply your clear coat and get ready to go crazy…


Hope you go ba-ba-bananas with you minion friend!

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