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Hello my lovelies!

So it is 12:53 in the morning here and I just felt like I need some burst of motivation today to start my day. Is it only me that think your day is spent how your morning begins? I was turning side from from on my bed (not able to sleep for some unknown reason) so I began reading my picture quotes and I just wanted to post it for you guys as well because if there be just one person who enjoys this post, then in some way or the other we have mutually been together for a moment and understood each other. Creepy much?

I have elephant size dreams and all I want from all my heart is to being able to travel and so those are my favorite quotes. Maybe you can relate to me? So…let’s start!

I have simply believed that pictures like these are so powerful that they evoke something deep within you. I know everyone has a dream and you might think that it is pointless or that you can never go beyond where you are at this moment but you are wrong. The wind will change, the situations will alter and if there is something you want from all your heart, you will get it. You might not get it at this time, but you will surely get it when the time is right. Till then, just breathe and live in the moment.

Now here are some of my favorite travel quotes;

I think travel quotes or stories are closest to my heart because they arouse my imagination and make me want to jump into the plane and go somewhere far far away. If there is something like adventure, I think it was actually meaning travel.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and you have a burst of motivation to begin your day!

Cheers xx




2 thoughts on “MY 10 FAV INTERNET QUOTES

  1. I like the optimistic and adventurous note of these quotes. And thanks for stopping by my blog. Fall has just started here, it’s sunny and warm today, and I think I’ll go for a walk in the forest. Enjoy your day! 🙂


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