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Hi my lovelies!

Well, yesterday I posted a blog where I talked about how to clean your makeup brushes following a tutorial shared by YouTuber Leyla and then I said to myself, ‘Okay, it’s good to clean your makeup brushes and all, but where do you keep them? The pouches are nice but it is a hustle to keep and take out your brushes from it every morning (and in between), so…what to do!’ What to do?

I was strolling the market today and came across these glasses then were being sold seperately at 10 INR a piece (yes, that cheap!). I was looking for ideas to turn them into something cute and I stumbled upon these pictures on the Internet that I wanted to share with you because I feel these are Oh-so-cute! I just really, really feel this is too cute to miss!

This one is super simple because all you need are the stones of your favorite color that are either available at stationary stores that offer all sorts of sparkling and glittering craft stones or you can find them at the aquarium and pet stores.

The first picture is nothing but using can and coating them with either acrylic or fabric paints (your call) that is easily available at stationary and general stores. The other is a cute tea cup that you can either borrow from your mum’s tea set and get one of your own from utensils store.

This particular has a special space in my heart for being this fabulous and classic at the same time. It does look like a container that already had this shape but I’d rather use a tin container and cover it with lace and fabric material. My sister gave me one on my birthday so I am planning to modify that piece. For this, you can either use a tin can or a bottle (Pepsi,  coke…anything really) and put some stones at the bottom so that it becomes sturdy and does not fall too fall. You can either cover that with lace or fabric, or you can also make designs by thick chart paper sheet and stick it with superglue or whatever works best in your case. You can also paste your favorite pictures from the magazine and give it a little artsy touch. Imagination is the key!

Well, yes I know this lacks originality and all but bless me, I am only just a girl (a rather lazy one)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and got some creative ideas to make your makeup brush holder look a tad but lively.

Cheers xx




  1. Apoorva!

    I read the post through, which wasn’t a chore as your pictures were fabulous and so were the brush storage ideas, and tumbled over laughing at “Well, yes I know this lacks originality and all but bless me, I am only just a girl (a rather lazy one)” I love your sense of humor!!

    Keep doing what you do!



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