Why My Mum Does Not Understand My Craving For Makeup

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Hello my lovelies!

To be honest, I was never a girl who used a single makeup product (except for lip balm because I have too chapped a set of lips) and still internally groaned how I am not looking ­pretty enough. And it wasn’t until as recent as June, ’14 that I started investing in cosmetics (that’s another story on its own). I grew up watching my mum using as little as just a coat of lipstick and some cold cream in the name of makeup. Therefore, I thought using lipstick was doing makeup!

So my first own makeup product was a code 01 Hot Hot Hot Colorbar lipstick. I was so ecstatic to buy it that for a whole week I reapplied it in almost all my conscious hours, that counts from the time I got up in the morning to 15 minutes later, then a little after I had my breakfast, and then before I left for office, in between when my boss was not looking, to as soon as I got home, and when I woke up from my nap in the evening to a last coat before I went to bed (you can ask my mum, yes, I was that obsessed). Since then, I am investing to a little over a thousand bucks on cosmetics in every twenty five days (God knows how much I spent this month in the honor of my birthday). Now, I have two pouches that are flooding out yet when you will look at me only my mascara and lip balm would show (no, I am not that perfect in applying makeup, just yet). You can say I am obsessed, addicted even, but what is hurting is my mum’s threats that she will flush down all my i

tems if I do not do the dishes on time, or hide all my cotton buds and makeup remover if I do not fold my clothes and shove them in carelessly instead. I mean cut a slack; I can only do a few things at a time. Take a breath. Take another. Now, where did I keep my face toner?

My mum, matter fact anyone, does not understand my craving for makeup, or of collecting it or staring at it adoringly. Why mum and why world? I am just a girl! The thing is that in a world where you are living life in a fast lane, you need a few things that fix you up rather than waiting for that zit to simmer down, simmer down.

I am not saying applying makeup is an obligation or because you are a woman you should vow to never leave your house without it even if you are jogging down the lane; I am saying that I love it. There is this whole ‘Less is More’ and #NoMakeupTrend of celebs going on that says that you do not have to wear makeup to look beautiful and that you are pretty in just the way you are, that cosmetics are not a resort and that naked face is the best face. And so even as I scroll through these posts and read about them in the magazines or from people’s mouth, frankly I cannot help but feel a little hate towards girls like me (makeup dolls as people call us) and devote so much time and money on makeup. The most common lines that I repeatedly hear are, ‘These girls ruin their skin’, ‘what is there to hide? We all have the same skin’, ‘what a shame! They aren’t proud of themselves’, ‘They aren’t that pretty, I bet’ and it is not only people, my mum herself loathe it and ask me to remove it every time I walk by and tells me that I look prettier without it. And maybe you think the same and would pass a judgment as I pass you by, but the truth is makeup is not a thing I am covering my skin in; it is a way of me telling you how I feel comfortable looking in and the pleasure it gives me to look exactly how I picture myself in my head. I am not perfect, neither do I wake up like Beyonce` but I feel self-assured in makeup. It gives me poise, fun that I have customized my face to look like this. If you think I am doing this for attention, you are wrong. If you think I am doing this to swoon someone to my feet that is not the case. If you thought that I am trying to ape a model, you are mistaken. I think it is fun experimenting because every day I feel different, every day my choice change because Lord knows how much I want to take from this one life and so many products out there. There are times I would go to office with just a single stroke of mascara, to having boss around someone transform me just to feel perfect. Because makeup does not simply cover me, it blends in my skin flawlessly to enhance my face and my beauty. You might not like it, I do. To me, I look fab!

As much as makeup was a revolution in the 70s, it is for me every single day. Literally. I have come so far from just a lipstick *slowly reapplying it*, to having a whole range and still scrolling through Amazon for new launches. I am proud of using makeup and to anyone who does not still understand my craving to do it can keep their thoughts to themselves because they do not bother me. This is me and I love me.

Hope you liked it and could related to it.

Cheers xx




2 thoughts on “Why My Mum Does Not Understand My Craving For Makeup

  1. I completely agree with you. For me, makeup is a kind of art. Even the tiniest thing can transform me into a whole new person. The slightest flick of eyeliner gives me immense pleasure.
    Lmao, I know that sounds wrong. But I can totally relate, y’know. 😛


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