December│Product Recommendation

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This month I thought I should do some hair care product since one of you had requested me this last month on Facebook (shoutout to the ever so beautiful Bedapta). Well, winters are as cruel on your hair as it is on the skin and not only do dry hair type suffer, normal to oily scalps are mutually damaged as well. This month I recommend Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner.

It is actually quite tricky to find a good product for hair because one bad choice can lead to hair fall, damage, flaky skin or dandruff problem. I had heard great reviews about Matrix but I had not used it earlier. So being the good lab rat that I have always been, I tested it on myself. I am so glad that I gave this a try, for it has minimized my problem. So…let’s start!

Matrix Biolage Shampoo

I took a risk and directly bought a 400ml shampoo, though I would suggest you go for a smaller size to see if it suits you. The packaging is great and I like the cylindrical bottle that is topped with a yellow cap. The cap is sturdy and tight so you do not have to worry about the leakage, just in case you put it upside down (just saying!). It has a transparent and semi-thick texture so you do not have to mix extra water in it to make more liquidy; just water your hair, apply this and wash. You are good to go! It works great on hair and leaves hair in a nice, bouncy light feel when dry. Since I have wavy hair and this shampoo manages that well easily, this is my favorite.

Price: 370 INR for 400ml


Easily applicable

Nice consistency

Mild refreshing citrus smell


Leaves hair silky

Paraben free


Works best only with the conditioner

Have to wash twice for better results

Matrix Biolage Conditioner


This conditioner comes in this plastic bottle with a small nozzle and a tight cap. It is the best that I have used so far and I genuinely love it. It has a creamy white texture and it a little thinner than other conditioners that there are in the market so it spreads really well on the hair, without just sitting like a blot on one portions. Just leave for a minute, complete that T-Swift song you were screaming in the shower and then wash it. It suits best with the shampoo is is actually having a lovely smell. I only use this twice a week because it tends to leave my hair oily the next day otherwise.

Price: 170 INR for 90ml


Easy to apply

Leaves hair satin like soft

Travel friendly

Paraben free


Does not let hair tangle


Leaves my hair oily after a while

Overall, I recommend this product to everyone for being good, sensitive and understanding your hair. It is easy on your pocket and since it is that harsh time of the year, do give a try! I will repurchase this combo again.

Alright, I hope you enjoyed this post and this was helpful.

Cheers xx



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